Eventually, the planes will fly again and make all sorts of beautiful corners of the world available again. These 21 are amazing beaches among them. They are everywhere where it is possible to live with the sand and surf the streets from the front door – and this luxury does not cost a fortune.

The world is big and there are lots of beautiful beaches where everyone can retire and live a good life.

Each of the 21 beaches has its own character, but there are snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, whale watching and national parks in between – not to mention delicious seafood and friendly, cordial people.

Regardless of your style, whether you want to be active or just enjoy a cold beer on the sand between your toes, these beach resorts are definitely for you.

Learn more about which beach destination in one of our 12 countries is the perfect destination for you.

Salinas, Ecuador

Salinas is a full-fledged seaside resort – among Ecuadorians it is probably the most famous resort in the country. This is a place for those who like all amenities: modern condominiums (located in a large part of Salina’s kilometers of beach), restaurants, cafes, bars and discos. There is also a regular bus service to Guayaquil International Airport, just a 2-hour drive away. All of this makes retirement in Salinas an attractive option.

Despite Salinas, it is without a doubt one of the cheapest seaside resorts in the world. A comfortable private room in a boutique hotel just a block from the malecón (boardwalk) can be purchased for $ 30 per person. A night for a single. A steak or seafood dinner at one of these trendy restaurants costs just $ 5 or $ 6. Or eat fish or shrimp cooked the same way you can at a local mercado (at the market) for about $ 2.50.

The couple can stay well in Salinas for about $ 1,400 a month including rent.

Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi is a wonderful place to stay for sea lovers. Diving, Snorkeling, Windsurfing and Deep Sea Fishing are just a few things you can do here. The city has all the services you need for everyday life – Minsa-Capsi Hospital in Pedas offers most services with several experts – there are a few supermarkets, a gas station and even a public library. Las Tablas is the nearest shopping village and only a 45 minute drive away.

Pedasis safety is one of the reasons why many foreigners move here. There is little or no petty crime in Pedas. Locals and expatriate Finns take care of each other, and locals receive foreigners and foreigners.

A typical two-bedroom, two-spa house in Pedas starts at about $ 135,000.

Rent including a couple can live well in Pedas for about $ 1265 per person. Month.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Also in Panama, Bocas del Toro is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean, with sea breezes, soft reggae music, beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. The views are typical of the Caribbean: white sandy beaches, spicy green palm trees and warm crystal clear water. Typical visitors range from hikers and surfers to wealthy adventurers who love to travel outside the radar.

Foreigners living here are usually very involved in island life. Some have started a business that runs the island’s economy, others enjoy teaching local students, and others find time to volunteer for important reasons or charities. This growth has become very good and the community has sought to protect flora and fauna as well as local marine life such as sea turtles. Bocas Del Toro is also the perfect place to test the Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams. The broadcast community is hospitable, organized and giving back. A few days is enough to start networking and make friends.

Sayulita, Mexico

It’s about the beach and the water in Sayulita. Enjoy world-class surfing and kayaking as well as fishing in local open wooden boats at an affordable price. Sayulita is an active city with many posted gatherings, happy hours and other events as well as volunteer activities to keep you busy day and night.

The significant advantage of living in Sayulita is that while there are markets, shops, restaurants and even clinics to meet your daily needs, it is also easy to walk south to the larger city of Bucerias or even further to Puerto Vallarta to get something not found in Sayulita. This is why it is very useful to get a funky feel to Bo

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