Golfing in North Carolina? Windsurfing off the Oregon coast? What about hiking in Arizona? With such a wide variety of natural landscapes in the United States, it can be difficult for wildlife enthusiasts to decide which area is worth their time.

There are thirty big cities on this list for nature lovers. They differ dramatically. Some are known for their beaches, others for forests, prairies or mountain ranges. Some of these towns are best known for their abundant hunting opportunities, while others attract mountain bikers, surfers or serious hikers. But these thirty small towns have one very important thing in common – they are all known for their breathtaking natural landscapes that offer stunning outdoor experiences and adventures.


Located in a piston cart in North Carolina, the Pinehurst is a beautifully designed resort that is sure to please those who enjoy challenging, resort-like outdoor activities, especially golf. Pinehurst, home to a world-famous golf course, receives a lot of attention from the golf community year-round. When not playing golf, the town is also full of outdoor shops and eateries. Interestingly, much of the beautiful community was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same designer who was in charge of Central Park, thus preserving much of New York City Park’s historic charm.

Traverse City

In the spring, summer, winter, or fall, Traverse City, Michigan, has plenty of activities for nature lovers. In the winter, Traverse City sees its share of the snow, making it a great destination for all types of skiers. Do you love snow but not a skier? Snowshoes along the beautiful sleeping bear dunes! In warm weather, you can enjoy countless hiking opportunities, mountain biking, playing in the dunes and swimming in the lake. After all, Traverse City is the perfect place to relax with a wine tasting day in a fast-growing wine region.

Tax beach

While Florida’s Vero Beach is often overshadowed by its larger neighbors, this small town on Florida’s Atlantic coast is a great option for all nature lovers. Those looking to enjoy the warm Sunshine State weather are unlikely to be disappointed with Vero Beach’s many pristine white sand beaches. Runners and hikers often run directly on the water, while paddlers and sailors enjoy many different bays and fjords. Close to the beach is a popular place where golfers will definitely enjoy a few morning swings.


Eureka is a small, centralized city in the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Like much of the north of the state, eureka is for jumping, smp and jumping out of the sea and mountains, making it a great place for nature lovers of all religions. Although the Pacific Ocean near Eureka is cooler, surfing and sailing are both popular water sports. If you want something a little drier, go to one of the nearby woods for a walk or bike ride in the middle of California’s famous redwood. Finally, by no means can you leave Eureka on a walk to see the beautiful Victorian architecture for which the city is known.

Walla Walla, Washington

Walla Walla is a beautiful city on the Pacific coast of Washington State. It is best known as a growing wine region, so a day or two of wine tasting in the lush Walla Walla Valley is a must. The city is also surrounded by mountains, rivers, and hiking and biking trails, so Walla Walla is always exciting for outdoor riding. After all, Walla Walla is one of the most pedestrian-friendly centers in the country, making it a great place to explore on foot.